Everything’s back.

  Im back… in that case, everything’s back. my long hair, my mom’s sickness, the whole she-bang.

cope cope cope. word of the day.

i hope to recover from all of this soon.

are you ready? my tita asked me. (if i was ready to let my mom go) I didn’t answer,

who could?? nobody gets ready for those things.

i’ve got plans for her, she’s too young.

i recently went to Padre Pio Chapel  to buy some blessed oil. ( my mom requested for it)

it took me four times just to buy the said oil, i kept coming back coz everytime i went there it’s either they have an ongoing mass or their store is closed. made me think that it was a sign.

but good enough, i got to buy one just hours ago. now i’m on a whole new level of belief.

its all up to him now. may my mother be one of the miraculous ones who got blessed enough to be healed.

tomorrow is friday, got to get that emergency loan for my mom, by nightfall i’m coming home to her.

i wish my wife would accompany me.


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