28 Years…


28 years… how long is 28 years?

years filled with caring and attention

years composed of triumphs and upheavals

with laughter and glee

of teaching and guidance


but 28 years is a very short time,

i still need you to guide me through future hardships

i need you to be there through the pain of child rearing

to hold my hand, to whisper, to talk,


it’s not supposed to be like this,

i never envisioned life like this…


there’s so much still left undone…

i want you to fight it, grasp on to life,

dont let go, coz we won’t.

no one can just tell us the end is near,

there’s no end to this….


28 years is never enough.

so here we dry our tears.

face the faceless tomorrow.

still hoping, still holding on,



January 4, 2012 at 1:18am


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