My Life is Like Facebook (A Toastmaster’s Ice Breaker Speech)

fbIt is safe to assume that everyone here has Facebook right? nowadays even a 5 year old child has one. No two Facebook accounts are the same, mine is different, yours is different, much like life, We each have our own individual stories.

Why did i pick Facebook? Why not a book or a movie?, Well.. aside from the fact that i really wanted to sound modern and techie, Basically i am required by my profession to be modern and techie all the time. As you all know, I work in the field of IT, We are the ones who make sure that whenever you log on to your PC’s or laptops, everything is smooth sailing.

Now, what are the parts of Facebook that can be compared or comparable to my life? let’s start with you logging onto a Facebook session, what do you do first? – of course you open your browser and type Remember the “//-slash”? I too consider myself a slasher. what slasher? not the wallet or bag slashers of Quiapo or Tondo in the Philippines, but slasher in the context of i am an IT PRofessional/Blogger/Amateur Photographer/Aspiring Musician etcetera etcetera. my list of slashes is too long that a 4 minute speech is not enough.

Now moving on to other parts of Facebook, which is “Likes”.like

I like a lot of things, one of these are having pets. Anyone here with a pet dog raise your hands! – how about a pet cat? you know i used to be a cat person before i graduated to being a dog lover. no bias to those cat lovers out there but dogs reciprocate the love you give them by a thousandfold, and i’m not exaggerating, cats don’t know the difference betweencat can opener their owner and a can opener, believe me, i know. our previous cat would only approach me whenever i hold a can opener because that means it’s time for her to eat!

Speaking of pets, i’ve had my fair share of pets. it started with fish – goldfish, flowerhorns, oscars, guppies, dragonfins. then came the rodents – hamsters, guinea pigs. then the birds – pigeons, lovebirds, mynahs. then came the cats, then now the dogs. i’ve had them one at a time, it would be crazy to have all of them at once!.

What else do we find on Facebook? of course locations! – I’ve been to many places in the Philippines but not all and i hope one day i can say that i have explored them all. One of my most unforgettable experiences during my travels is when i tried whitewater rafting in CDO, it was a crazy experience! i can still remember we were going down the river so fast because it has just rained. there were 6 of us in a rubber boat going downstream when we saw this big black rock from a distance. and because we are newbies we couldn’t steer the boat and we hit the rock dead-center. the boat capsized and threw us all underwater. I got scared that i’ll drown because the boat was over my head as i gasped for air, luckily all of us survived! it was a fun and dangerous experience!

Going back to Facebook, we have “Food”! as humans i think all of us are foodies and we love to eat. but there are some of us that are a little more adventurous insectswhen it comes to eating, I am not one of those but i have my share of weird food in my list. Has anybody here tried soup#5? – yup the soup made from bulls testicles. i have tried the soup and it was surprisingly yummy! i didn’t eat the meat though, my brain could not process it. i have also tried snail, frogs legs and day old chicks. i will never eat a spider or a tarantula or any insect for that matter.

I still have a lot to do on my bucket list like skydiving, scuba diving, learning the drums and the piano and a whole lot more. i have my life ahead of me to try it all.

The lesson i think that you would get from my story can be summarized in four letters, often used by kids nowadays which is YOLO – meaning? you only live once, don’t waste your life, try everything! well not literally everything – try everything with responsibility.

and with that i would like to end my speech by sharing with you my current “Facebook Status” – that would be “Enjoying Toastmasters with all of you!” – bow.


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