200 Pesos for a 12hour job in the slaughterhouse

 200 pesos. 12 hours of physical work. or less than 4 Dollars for a 12 hour job in the slaughterhouse. that is what i watched in a documentary in the Philippines under iWitness.

 The story is about a boy, 16 years of age whom was forced into labor because of poverty. I was given a first person view of what happens inside a slaughterhouse (usually in the wee hours of the night -from 10PM to 4AM) daily.

 The boy was just learning from an elder whom had been working in the Slaughterhouse for more than 5 decades. He is shown gutting the pigs, taking them to a boiling tank and removing the hair with a dull knife, then cutting them in half, careful not to hit any intestines, then afterwards cleaning the innards and anything that could be sold in the market.

 All that needs to be done before 4AM when the local market opens.

and we are not talking about a single pig here, there are dozens that need to be slaughtered, all lined up for their impending death. 

 I didn’t know on which i should feel sorry for more, the pigs or this little kid. and if that is not enough he still needs to clean up after all the mess has been done, and one of the youngest in the slaughterhouse still needs to attend school! which is starting in 2 hours!. no sleep daily for the young kid.

 the 16 year old still needs to get more pigs the next morning for the slaughterhouse tonight. and for that only 200 pesos?

This kid has already given up on his dreams. fully decided to work in a slaughterhouse all his life.

 i feel like i am awakened again. here i am bitching about the things that i want to buy and get but here are these people dying just to earn a living. i should be ashamed of wanting more. 

if you want to see the video, here’s the vid: 


Credits to all who made this video specially Kara David – my favorite journalist.

and thanks for “waking” me up.


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